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GLIMPSES OF EDEN STORIES | a new student, a new journey with JO Thank you Fairmarch for connecting us!

As the skies open in our endemic world, I embrace a new journey with Jayden in the arts. He is autistic and in his own words:

“I may look normal, but I have special needs. My passion is in entertainment, mainly animation, voice acting, etc. My dream is to make a TV show based on my artworks.” ~JO

Through my learning journey with these special youths, I have learned to see things from a different perspective and that it's actually OK to be not OK! That Korean drama tells it well, depicting the struggles of a caregiver with his brother who has an antisocial personality disorder. Year 2021 has been a new (ab)normal for everyone! Through the challenges we face as a nation and an individual, work and family-wise, we transform with each new struggle.

Through my church connect group and my close friends, I've learned to be thankful for the care and love that I receive. And through mentoring these special kids, I've realised that one has to live every moment, love much and laugh often. My elder sister tells me "just live one day at a time and trust in God's bigger plans!"

When I see JO's struggles, I am incentivised to try harder. I remember that I am blessed with more than I can see. In their world, they have to re-learn almost everything. It involves persistent challenges in social interaction, speech and non-verbal communication, as well as restricted or repetitive behaviour. Even making food choices is a challenge as it is limited in their world. Processing the meaning and interpretation of words, and finally a translation of the words into action, is a complicated process that people take for granted but autistic people struggle with this continually.

Being a content strategist, I've learned not to rattle off 10 instructions/pointers but to teach three at most and make it easy to remember. But even clear instructions have to be repeated several times. They are intelligent persons but they disconnect into their own realm - like an artist :-) . When overwhelmed, they freeze or disappear into their black hole!

I hope I can inspire JO to break his limitations through art. His first art piece "Tiger on Vespa" is my way of encouraging him to embrace new beginnings and to help him accept an "irrational" world through solutions found in art.

here's his instagram https://www.instagram.com/jayden.ojx/ and his endearing posts

after his first art lesson with me :-)


Please support JO as he journeys with me. If you are looking for unique art-inspired gifts this year end, uplift a differently-abled artist at our little shop. May 2022 bring you new directions and new adventures! Blessings!


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