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SHALOM! From his Sacrifice- blooms His Grace!

What do you see?

In my art: Jesus is the only God who sustained hurts and blows for us. Out of His blood, uber grace bloomed! This piece was titled shalom because one day we will live in heavenly shalom where we will laugh all day long in shalom!


Spruce up your wall with merry red poppies! Pm me for stretched canvassed productions!

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Me: Artist JTMUSES: My work is inspired by glimpses of the Good Word, the everyday small things, a bird in a tree, our heritage, notes of nature and my clients (e.g. Chinatown Heritage Centre, Joo Chiat/Katong Visitor Centre, MediaCorp and Singapore International Foundation).


Shalom! 40X53.4 CM

  • Please go to blog :  There is an explanation on matting and print sizes  ...

    some frames for reference:-

    • Hovsta 42x52 frame (A3 print 30x40) cm dark brown wood frame alternatives for plain black or white frames are Knoppaeng 40x50 cm (A3 30x40 print)

    • Vastanhed portrait 33x43 cm for (A4 prints - 21x30 cm)

    • Virserum (white is no longer produced) Available are Gold 38x48 cm frame, (A4 print -21x30 cm)

    • Square Sannahed frames (37x37 cm - window 25x25 cm) black and white

    • Others - you can opt for Ribba (Frame size: 52x72 cm) Print 40x50 cm. The biggest size is Ribba's 61x91 cm (Print 50x70cm) or Knoppang

    • We give an allowance at sides for mounting it well within the window.

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