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A Compact Umbrella with Ergonomic Handle, Full Fiberglass Ribs and UV Protection
UPSIDE DOWN UMBRELLA: To avoid getting rain water in your car or office, the reversible design of this repel umbrella keeps the water in until you are ready to open it. Opens when you press the button, press again to close it.

1949 Austin – The First SG London-type Taxi
The model arrived in Singapore in November 1949 as the colony’s first ever London-type taxi, causing quite a stir as pedestrians and passengers gazed at the vehicle with interest. Designed with a capacity to carry five passengers, the new taxi, however, was out of reach for most drivers due to its high cost of $7,000. It soon disappeared from the roads of Singapore.


Inverted Three-fold Umbrella
-Reversible design of inside-out umbrellas keeps the water in until you are ready to open it.
-Good UV resistant from the Sun, made with UPF 50+ sun protection
-Sturdy fiberglass RIB to ensure no bending or breaking of the frame when closing
-Control: Fully-automatic – press button to open or close it
-Panel Material: Pongee

-Circumference 45” (114 cm), Diameter 41” (104 cm)
-Weight 0.95 lb (430 g)

TMP Inverted Auto Open 3-fold Umbrella (23″) Fiberglass Ribs and UV Protection –