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Angelico Art - exhibition

copy display aaa on above troubled depth

Art created by Christians should create a space in which individuals can meet with God. Go see this exhibition - a first in Singapore! "


When we look to the Word of God, we see that God inspires storytelling and art. An enormous percentage of the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, is written in detailed poetry. David was a musician and a poet, writing song after song to God in the Psalms in order to express the widest range of human emotion.


Jesus didn’t even start the ministry that was detailed in the Gospels until the age of 30—before that, He was known as “the builder,” or “the builder’s son.” .


See how artists depicted their spiritual journey of "Who do you say I (Jesus) am"
It's a tall order but some 60 paintings made this space including two of my small endeavours.


Exhibition ends this Sunday 6 March 2016.

Spread the love of Jesus! #GlimpsesOfEden

I wait
copy display aaa on above troubled depths

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I wait_feb2016

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