About jtmuses

I paint from my heart.

I believe there is an Eden in us,

which we visit in moments
of true joy

and when we dream in the spirit.

  • Reliving my passion

    in my fifties:

    I first started oil painting in earnest in 2015. I had then left the corporate scene to live out my passion for the visual arts.

    Joyfully, my first attempts in oil painting were exhibited at the
    2016 Angelico Art Award

    (an art competition that seeks to explore the integration of faith and artistic endeavour).

    In 2017, I brought my passion to life with two exhibitions at the Singapore University of Technological Design (LIVING @55) and

    the Chinatown Heritage Centre where I shared on mixed media  Chinatown and edenic moments of the past.

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    The integration of art and my faith is definitely the driving force behind  PRODUCTS BY GLIMPSES OF EDEN.

  • Uncover my glimpses of eden :-)

    I paint from my heart. I believe there is an Eden in all of us...

    My art is a response to the world of colours and words from the Good Book. I adore nature—verdant greens, wild poppy reds, azure seas and vivid sunsets—as it opens my soul to creativity.

    I hope that my creations will evoke connections and memories and that you will find joy in my splashes of colour and the gifts I create from them!

Not just and artist  :-)  - 3 decades as a content marketing strategist.

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