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A Peranakan Tale

A Peranakan Tale

Pretty Nyonya:
Perhaps, the most significant Peranakan motifs are the exquisite peony and celestial phoenix. In this original oil painting of a nyonya, I depicted her thoughts on love and marriage. In its tightly clenched petals, her peonies hide her fertile musings.


You’ll see the phoenix, a cosmic creature often seen on pillow ends and wedding cups celebrating eternal and harmonious love between a man and a woman. Follow her romantic trail as she garbs herself on her special day.

Original Oil painting: 18x18 inches Reproductions on archival museum quality canvas sell at $280.00 each
merchandised as corkboards (placemat and 4 coasters) +  fridge magnets.

now retailing at the new Katong /Joo Chiat Visitor Centre.  Did you Know?

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