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About Jayden

Uplift wares created by special people

Jayden Ong is a digital artist who draws on procreate. Most of his works are cartoons and he expresses his thoughts through characters. His recent works include animated and printed cards for corporates.

Under mentor and artist Jtmuses, Jayden will draw on themes/objects that resonate with Singaporeans.

Joo Chiat Residential Shophouse & and Singapore Plumeria Tree

Differently-abled artist – Jayden Ong

Pretty Joo Chiat residential shophouses are a living legacy of Singapore’s Peranakan culture.


The artwork portrays HAPPINESS –  幸福   and is digitally drawn by Jayden Ong, an artist with autism. He adds Plumeria blooms and birds of many feathers and cats to bring joy into his shophouse.

Co-canvassed by his mentor JTMUSES are ladies in kebaya and cheongsam having a blast with firecrackers! Enjoy a blast from the 70s!

Jayden writes:

“I may look normal, but I have special needs. (Jayden is autistic)
My passion is in entertainment, mainly animation, voice acting, etc.
My dream is to make a TV show based on my artworks.”


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