Living @ 55 - art exhibition

Turning 55 rocks! Three ACJC friends celebrate ” THE BEST IS YET TO BE” by reconnecting with their creative passion, bringing forth a mixed genre of 55 art pieces in oil and water colours. Each creation showcases their impressions and interpretations, nuancing this in their arts in their  fifties. Come, rekindle your creative fire; join us in our celebration @55.                         

Fri 21 April to Fri 5 May 2017 |  Opening Night (Fri, 21) : 7 pm - 10 pm

Mondays to Fridays : 8 am to 5.30 pm  * (for public viewing)
Weekends: Opened only on Sat: 22/4 : 9 am 12 noon (* )
Venue : Singapore University of Technology and Design - Library 8 Somapah Road, S487372   

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exhibition at sutd by jtmuses
sutd living at 55-jtmuses
oil paintings by glimpses of eden

Glimpses of Eden: There is an Eden in all of us.We visit it in moments of true joy and when we dream in spirit.


A brand and content marketing specialist, I have been spinning brand stories in the corporate and public sector since I graduated from NUS..

I started oil painting in earnest in my fifties. My first attempts were exhibited at the 2016 Angelico Art Award ( an art competition that seeks to explore and experience the integration of faith and artistic endeavour). I celebrate turning 55 In 2017 an mark this with two exhibitions at the Singapore University of Technology & Design (April) and another in August with artists Glacy and Yoke Ying.


My oil paintings are a response to the world of colours and words from the Good Book. I adore nature, verdant greens, wild poppy reds, azure seas and vivid sunsets as they open your soul and creativity. It is my hope  that each new season brings restoration for what the "locusts" have taken from our lives. It is also my desire that you will find joy and respite in my art!
reproductions on archival museum quality canvas are available

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My art journey began with a doodle here and a splash of colours there, many years ago.

Colours, contrasts, organic forms and textures inspire me. Childhood memories and places I have travelled to also shaped my works.

I enjoy experimenting with colours in different media to capture the ambience and emotions of a certain place and time. This is reflected in my oils and watercolour pieces.

Perhaps it was the vivid images from my childhood, of craftsmen in my grandfather's goldsmith shop, that drew me to work with silver. Creating with silver allowed me to play with textures and organic designs.

I hope you will enjoy my works which try to convey the beauty and richness of Life and things around us.

Living@55 Exhibition is a joint effort with 2 of my friends. We studied at the same Junior College and reconnected through our love for art.  


At 55, we  continue to dream and create.  Come join us!


Venue Sponsor  SUTD Library

Fri, 21 April to Fri, 5 May
Opening Night on Friday  21/4  -
 7pm - 10 pm


weekdays: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
weekend: only on Sat 22/4

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

GO TO Lobby A, PARK at Carpark B