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ARTWORKS BY differently-abled artists

Original prints on mixed media are not for sale.

The Muse Project by JTmuses creates viable wares to uplift works by differently abled artists.
Support them by getting:-

1. A print on archival grade fine art paper - 300gsm, cotton fiber, acid and lignin free from $50

2. A reproduction - framed from $200 on archival museum grade canvas

3. Customisable awards on tile with stand - with or without framing

4. art-inspired wares from drinkables, lacquerwares to smart gadgets!


Lifestyle products are richly adorned with orchid elements from Metta’s artwork on “Keeping Mother Earth Healthy”.

As a gift, red orchids represent strength and also determination, courage, perseverance and love. This bold bloom will uplift a space at home or work. Look out for the little critters! In many cultures, ladybugs are considered good luck. Farmers love them because they eat aphids and other plant-eating pests. Named the “Joy Collection” it will comprise lacquer and ceramic wares.

Cyber Lion by Ernest Wong (Muscular Dystrophy Association:  Looking at how we learn in the future : For his art piece, he morphs the powerful lion symbol of Singapore into a Cyber Lion leading the rapid expansion of technology. He sees the future of Singapore as a smart city embracing the digital age in all aspects of work and play and especially in the way we learn.
The ArtScience Museum is depicted as this is where art meets science; it takes visitors on exciting journeys of discovery through its Virtual Reality, Large-scale and immersive Digital interactive installations.

A Blast from the Past

Do you remember when we celebrated Chinese New Year with loud firecrackers! We would welcome the lunar new year by lighting up a long string tied to a bamboo pole from our balcony.


Others did the same and soon the roads would be littered bright red!


Sadly but also to the relief of many, fireworks were banned in March 1972. The police had received 376 complaints about the illegal discharge of firecrackers during the Chinese New Year celebrations that year.

Future Cityscape

There's Elgin bridge bottom Left, OCBC bldg above it, future building structure with geometric shapes which Douglas scribbed on his own plus OUB bldg, Reflections at Keppel, old stadium, Suntec bldg, I

ndian heritage building

Superimposed was Jurong Town Corporation - a project we did for an event of JTC.