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Commitment to Inclusivity: Empowering Through Art


Joyce's dedication to inclusivity is exemplified through her collaboration with the I'mable Collective and SG Enable. Notably, her mentee's quintessential Koon Seng Shophouse artwork was presented during the prestigious Enabling Mark Awards launch in August 2021, honouring 16 exceptional individuals and organizations. Witness the impact of art in fostering empowerment and unity.


Douglas T.S. Leong

Glimpses of Eden
There is an Eden which we visit in moments of true joy and when we dream in the spirit.

We also experience this JOY when we give back.

Douglas was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder Spectrum, but this did not stop him from developing and pursuing a keen focus in art.

Douglas is a graduate of Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Media and Interactive Technology. He enjoys creating detailed artworks of drum sets, buildings and vehicles, where his favourite themes are cityscapes and public transportation.

With his passion, he went on to exhibit his artwork at the International Art Expo in Kuala Lumpur in 2007 and since 2009, has taken up painting on canvas at My Art Space.

Since July 2019, I have been mentoring and guiding him in mixed media sketches using watercolours.

Jo-JTMUSES flyer

Jayden Ong

“I may look normal, but I have special needs. (Jayden is autistic)
My passion is in entertainment, mainly animation, voice acting, etc.
My dream is to make a TV show based on my artworks.”


Jayden Ong is a digital artist who draws on procreate. Most of his works are cartoons and he expresses his thoughts through characters. His recent works include animated and printed cards for corporates.

Joo Chiat Residential Shophouse & and Singapore Plumeria Tree

Pretty Joo Chiat residential shophouses are a living legacy of Singapore’s Peranakan culture.


The artwork portrays HAPPINESS –  幸福   and is digitally drawn by Jayden Ong, an artist with autism. He adds Plumeria blooms and birds of many feathers and cats to bring joy into his shophouse.


Co-canvassed by his mentor JTMUSES are ladies in kebaya and cheongsam having a blast with firecrackers! Enjoy a blast from the 70s!


by Differently-abled artist – Ernest Wong, 21 Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore


Ernest often challenges himself as an artist and puts a lot of detail into each of his artwork.

For this piece, he uses adobe illustrator and recreates the mighty and historic lion symbol of Singapore as a cyber lion. He sees the future of Singapore as an intelligent city embracing the digital age in all aspects of work and play, especially in the way we learn.

The ArtScience Museum was depicted as it leads the future of learning with its immersive digital art experiences. The butterflies bring to mind how our green city island is creating Butterfly Habitats and Gardens to Enhance Urban Biodiversity.

shiok nite playgrounds.jpg

seen on CNA

Among the evening’s highlights were the recognition of 28 individuals comprising Singapore International Volunteers, partners and programme alumni from Asia and U.S. who have long supported the SIF in its efforts to connect, collaborate and effect change in world. Snr Minister of State, MICA /MCCY Ms Sim Ann  and SIF Governor David Chong gave away the awards

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Exemplary employees Kai Bin and Amanda..jpeg

Enabling MarkAwards

28 August 2021:  SG's quintessential shophouses by differently-abled artist Douglas graces awards for 16 exemplary individuals and organizations! Woohoo!

fiona-enabling Marcks Award.jpeg

organised by
SG Enable

champions, Buddies, Innovators get Enabling Mark - first national-level accreditation framework for exemplary inclusive practices!

Drop us a note; all artworks and wares are customisable