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The Joy Collection - Say a L'prayer as Prayer Changes Things

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

TURN YOUR HOME INTO A PURE HAVEN WITH THESE FLICKERING LED CANDLES: This premium flameless candle lights set includes 2 real wax pillar candles, 5" and 6" height with 3" thick candles and a remote controls. Two designs are available. Orchids: Designer JTMUSES® re-worked the orchid and bud elements in support of differently-abled artists from Arts@Metta and created the Joy Collection. Shop Sea Eagle: She also guided autistic artist Douglas on a mixed media piece on Singapore's largest raptor: the white-bellied sea eagle is depicted on the front of Singapore's highest denomination note – the $10,000 note, $5 stamp, and on the 70-cent stamp. Shop Artists enjoy royalties when you make a purchase. Please paynow UEN 53401135K for accounting to agencies involved.

Flickering candles are a quick and easy way to turn up the charm in any room. Not only are candles beautiful, they create feelings of coziness and comfort. Say a blessing prayer for others with them!

The Joy Collection (orchids)

LED CANDLES are richly adorned with orchid elements from Metta’s artwork on “Keeping Mother Earth Healthy”. Dress up your home with these realistic candles and turn your home into a haven of pure delight!

10-key remote controller that allows you to set your candles on a 2, 4, 6, or 8 hour timer.

As a gift, red orchids represent strength and also determination, courage, perseverance and love. This bold bloom will uplift a space at home or work.

Look out for the little critters! In many cultures, ladybugs are considered good luck. Farmers love them because they eat aphids and other plant-eating pests.

The “Joy Collection” will comprise decorative lifestyle items such as lacquer and ceramic dishes

Video to show functionalities found on the remote control

Design 2: white-bellied sea eagle by differently-abled artist, Douglas Joyful Expectations I am a white-breasted Sea Eagle. In an aerie on a tree top high; I weave and tuck sticks and moss with intricate joy for a clutch of two.

I soar high where the water sings. To my nest I’ll compel my struggling prey and tend my eaglets till they fledge and dance around the sun. May God lift you on winds of peace!

A set of two LED candles comprises Dimensions: Orchid 3"diameter x 6"h; 7.5 cm diameter x 15 cm 3" diameter x 5"h ; 7.5 cm diameter x 12 cm

Candlelight hours: 300 hours; uses 2 AA batteries

Sea Eagle (slightly taller) 3"diameter x 7"height 3" diameter x 6"height


Real Flame-effect Candles

These dancing candles mimic traditional burning candles.

Flame simulation technology makes the candles flicker and sway giving a realistic candle-light ambience to any room.

Paraffin Wax & Elegant Design

The candle shell is made from paraffin wax (no burning wick or dripping wax). Perfect for places like bookshelves and bedrooms.

Smooth finish, classic white colour and elegant design use the Real Flame-effect Candles in locations where you would use real candles.

Remote Control Timer

With a 10-key remote control, you can adjust the brightness dimmer or brighter. Flickering flame effect and steady light mode are available. The timer feature allows you to set 2H 4H 6H 8H, timed to automatically on and off, cycle every 24 hours.

Extended Lighting Time

Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). The expected battery life is of approx. 300 hours (high-grade battery required).

Package includes:

- 1 x LED Candles (Size: Dia 3.15" x H 5"), 7.5 cm diameter x 12 cm

- 1 x LED Candles (Size: Dia 3.15" x H 6"), 7.5 cm diameter x 15 cm

- 1 x Remote Control Material: High-grade paraffin wax

Beautiful full-colour wrap decorates the candle

Individually embellished by designer JTMUSES in collaboration with her mentees


about JTMUSES®

Under her brand and pen name, JTMUSES® promotes local artisans by mentoring and teaching artists with autism. She is a selected vendor with the I’mable Collective, SG Enable and her quintessential shophouses were chosen as awards for the launch of the national SG Enable Mark in 2021. Joyce has successfully branded her own art-inspired kitchen gifts on Amazon USA garnering five-star reviews. As a digital artist and web builder, she has her own e-commerce shop at and designs/builds websites at

i’mable (read “I’m able”) by SG Enable celebrates the abilities of persons with disabilities and encourages everyone to take positive action for disability inclusion and commit to building a more inclusive society and enabling lives

“INSPIRE.UPLIFT. I capture beauty and quotes to help you connect with nature, others, and yourself” JTMUSES

some of her own artworks are found here:-

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