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Rectangular Vanity Tray and Serving Tray for Bathroom, Dressing Kitchen, Ottoman, and Coffee Table. Use it as a dessert or dip dish! OR
Place it on your desk to hold paper clips, or on your dresser to hold jewelry, rings, and everything nice; this fun catchall is as lovely as it is functional. View more of the TableNotes Collection here


  • Dimensions: 5 by 7  inches - Medium rectangle shape
  • Material: Handcrafted fused glass

TableNotes by Bulbul 2nd edition It's spring! Making friends with another!

This creation is inspired by the artist’s love for the birds in her cherished garden. 

I am a red-whiskered Bulbul – known as the “nightingale of the east.” 

A bird who once lost but has regained its freedom,  

I escape into a new story. 

Dwell not on things of the past; 

Behold! Something new springs forth. 

Inspired by Isaiah 43:18-19 

Made in USA - leadtime 15 working days

Manufacture: 5 Business Days
Shipping: 10  Business days


Can be customised with a logofor minimum order of 10 pieces

TableNotes Collection|Edition#2: Medium Trinket Tray set of 2

15 working days
    • Proprietary UV resistant inks are subtly translucent
    • Food-safe; tested and approved for food contact
    • Do not use with dishwasher or microwave oven
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