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Keep your countertop clean and free from stains! Set of 2 coasters.
Elevate Your Drink Experience with Our Premium Hard Diatomite Coasters: Heat-Resistant, Absorbent, and art-illustrated! Illustrated with a Unique Art Story:

"Discover How Singaporeans Enjoy Breakfast in Local Kopitiams!"

- Made from durable high-grade natural diatomite, clay, and cork

-Superior Absorbency: Our coaster swiftly captures moisture from ice-cold drinks and coffee/tea/beer stains, keeping your table dry and pristine. Coaster's efficient moisture-wicking properties makes it ready for immediate use.

-Anti-Mold Properties: Say goodbye to mould and mildew worries, as our coaster is designed to resist mould growth, maintaining its freshness and cleanliness.

-Heat-Resistant: Withstand high temperatures with ease, as our coaster protects your table surface from deformities caused by hot beverages.

-Cork Base: Featuring a high-density cork bottom, prevents slipping and protects your furniture from scratches and scuffs.

-Empowering Artists: Support differently-abled artists with every purchase, as royalties from the sale of this product contribute to their livelihoods.

Diatomite Coasters (x2) Water Absorbent Coaster - breakfast in sg

SKU: dia-coasters-bf-in-sg
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