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GIFT SET OF 2 enamel mugs with wellness tisane in a jute bag
Retro Enamel mugs mirror the past and are great for camping, outdoor lifestyle, and also in the office. New (Aug 2022)- Bigger and better quality: Capacity of 450 ml (16 oz). Height of 9cm and diameter of 10cm. Available in 5 designs. Learn more about our differently-abled artists at The Muse Project

Shophouse is drawn by Mentee / PWD: Douglas | Elements of ladies in cheongsam by Jtmuses

Do you remember when we celebrated Chinese New Year with loud firecrackers! We would welcome the lunar new year by lighting up a long string tied to a bamboo pole from our balcony. Others did the same and soon the roads would be littered bright red! Sadly but also to the relief of many, fireworks were banned in March 1972. The police had received 376 complaints about the illegal discharge of firecrackers during the Chinese New Year celebrations that year.

DRY IMMEDIATELY after washing to avoid rusting of the metallic rim
** PLEASE ALLOW 5 working days for production and 2-3 days for delivery
Lead time 8 working days.

Bundle it with a floral tisane - SUMMER EVENING- by Raintree (since 1979)
For Relieving stress and tension!

It is packed with vitamins and a myriad of healthy benefits. Aids digestive system and stomach cramps. Eases aches and pains and is a natural muscle relaxant. . Lemon Verbena in this blend is known for its calming properties and used for centuries in traditional medicines for treating anxiety, and insomnia. Rosehips and rose petals in this brew are known for its content of anti-microbial properties to help fight bacteria and ward off harmful microorganisms. This blend of tea is full of antioxidants and will help in reducing inflammation, soothing temporary pain.

Optimal Steeping:

  • 1 heaping tsp to a 180ml Cup
  • 95°C – 100°C Water
  • 5-6 Minutes
  • Drink it on its own. Hot or cold

Enamel Mugs- A Blast from the Past

SKU: jtm-enam-tisane-bundle
PriceFrom S$59.90
  • DRY IMMEDIATELY after washing to avoid rusting of the metallic rim

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