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Place it on your desk to hold paper clips, or on your dresser to hold jewelry, rings, and everything nice; this fun catchall is as lovely as it is functional.
Dimensions: 5" x 7" usual 8.5 x 4 inches
Material: Handcrafted fused glass

Design Story: This is how we have breakfast in local kopitiams! Growing up in Singapore, one of our all-time favourite breakfast foods is half-boiled eggs with kaya toast paired with kopi or teh.
Differently-abled Artist Douglas co-canvases the iconic kopitiam cup and saucer of the early 1930s against the backdrop of Chinatown shophouse drawn by his mentor jtmuses.

Musing: This is how we enjoy breakfast in Singapore:  all-time favourite breakfast foods are half-boiled eggs with kaya toast.
"During the weekends, I’d have breakfast at a kopi-tiam (“coffee shop” in Hokkien) or hawker centre near home. Someone would bring my parents their kopi (“coffee” in Hokkien) and a Milo drink for me, as well as some toast with butter and kaya (“coconut jam” in Malay) and a few eggs immersed in hot water. We’d have to wait for some minutes before we could crack open the eggs with a few taps on the side of a saucer. The perfect half-boiled egg should be runny with just-set, opaque white and a bright yolk that spills open with a tap of a spoon. Add a dash of soya sauce and some pepper, and then mix it all up."

If there’s a proper skill most locals have, it’s ordering coffee – kopi, from the local kopitiam. Do you know how to? Get a complementary set of coasters that teaches you how to do so!


Manufacture: 5 Business Days
Shipping: 14-18 Business days

Proprietary UV resistant inks are subtly translucent

Food-safe; tested and approved for food contact

Do not use with dishwasher or microwave it.

Handcrafted fused-glass Trinket Tray 5"x7" - breakfast in SG kopitiam

SKU: tmp-trinket-kopitiam
PriceFrom S$65.00
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