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Hold your valuables in this beautiful keepsake box. Lacquered in ebony black over wood. Soft felt protects your jewelry and other collectables. Watch video of product

Minimum order quantity - 5 pieces / White ceramic tile on lid
Box: 5.5"l x 5.5"w x 2.3"h  | Tile: 4.25"l x 4.25"w
Weight: 14.125 oz.
Wood: Choice of Golden Oak, or Ebony Black 
Large 7.125" Square w/6" Tile ( add $7.90)

JO-Keepsake Box- Joo Chiat Shophouse

SKU: jo-tmp-jooc-keepsake
  • Joo Chiat Residential Shophouse and Frangipani TreeThe artwork portrays HAPPINESS -  幸福  

    The iconic residential shophouse in Joo Chiat – our historic gem of nostalgia – was digitally drawn by Jayden Ong, an artist with autism. Jayden adds Plumeria flower power (bloom where you are planted!) and birds of many feathers to bring joy into his artwork. Co-canvassed by his mentor JTMUSES are ladies in traditional attire having a blast with firecrackers! Recollect the fizzling 70s!

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