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MOQ: 50 pieces - Please enquire here.

Quintessential SG ShophousesThis mixed media piece is the first collaborative piece of artwork by differently-abled artist Douglas Leong, under a mentor/mentee arrangement.​


Along Koon Seng Road, you’ll find some of Singapore’s prettiest heritage shophouses. Painted in elegant pastel hues and built in the early 20th century, Peranakan shophouses boast colourful Chinese-inspired art decor styles and wooden window shutters. The art piece is further spiced with interesting bits of Straits Peranakan elements on the artwork. Peranakan elements by his mentor/artist jtmuses. His works have been given as awards during the Enabling Mark Awards launched nationwide on 28 Aug 2021 for 16 exemplary individuals and organizations!

50 pieces: $89.50 each

size: L 33cm x W 24.5cm x H 4cm
Weight: 520g
Material: Lacquer on Wood

please pre-order using the enquiry form 

Lacquer Tray - shophouse (pre-order)

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