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This is how Singaporeans enjoy breakfast in local kopitiams!


Growing up in Singapore, one of our all-time favourite breakfast foods is half-boiled eggs with kaya toast with kopi or teh.

If there’s a proper skill most locals have, it’s ordering coffee (kopi), from the local kopitiam. From peng to siew dai, there are 21 ways to order local coffee (or kopi) in Singapore!

By default, when you order a kopi, you’ll end up with a coffee and condensed milk. But say kopi with C anywhere in the name, and it means you’ll get evaporated milk instead of condensed milk


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  • Singapore crowned the happiest country in Asia
    They say happiness cannot be quantified but here we are23 March 2023 – Time OutMany Singaporeans, us included, would be very content with a kaya toast and teh-c kosong set meal, and perhaps this simple contentment has contributed to the fact that Singapore was named the happiest country in Asia, and 25th in the world in the recent UN’s World Happiness Report 2023. 

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