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Don't Worry- 23x23 cm Lacquer Breakfast/Tea  Tray 
Stop Worrying and Start Living : Jesus commands Christians not to wprry about our life or material things (Mathew 6:25, 28-31). Think ahead, plan ahead but DON'T WORRY AHEAD. We are asked to trust that our Heavenly Father will provide. He knows our every need. Faith is the antidote to worry!

We cannot add a single hour to our life by worrying (V27). As Corrie ten Boom put it: 'Worry does not empty tomorrow of sorrow, but it empties today of strength.'
Instead, live in day-tight compartments. Live one day at a time! Don't borrow trouble from tomorrow: ' each day has enough trouble of its own' (v34b).

Make a decision today not to worry about tomorrow

Start your day with this lacquer tray which inspires you to do so : Meet Crumb: I am your fluffy Garden SparrowWe are a chorus of chirps in the morning“Why do you rush about and worry so?”Sufficient is my crumb for today and then I will drink dew.

Square Lacquer Tray (sparrow) - 23 x 23 cm

PriceFrom S$49.30
  • Your lacquer product has thirteen layers, please handle it with care, do not soak, but wipe with a damp cloth after use.

    It cannot withstand high temperatures for serving food and hot dishes cannot be placed directly onto it.

    If you are storing your lacquer product in an air-conditioned environment, store it flat with a weight on top for a couple of weeks.

    The multiple layers make it very durable and you will have years of use if you look after it correctly. Most of all enjoy your lacquer product and remember that it has been totally made by hand in Vietnam. There is no other piece exactly the same as yours.

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