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Premium glossy lacquer placemats will really add the finishing touch to your dining table -perfect for entertaining when friends pop over.  WATCH Video 

  • set of 4 lacquer placemats- 40x29cm

  • comes with a little brand story bookmark card

matching lacquer trays, PU leather placemat. latte mugs,  coasters, travel tumblers are also available

Collection Description

This creation is inspired by the artist’s love for the birds in her cherished garden.

I am a red-whiskered Bulbul – known as the “nightingale of the east.”

A bird who once lost but has regained its freedom,

I escape into a new story.

Dwell not on things of the past;

Behold! Something new springs forth.


The leitmotif that runs throughout the TABLENOTES COLLECTION is the freed bulbul. It is often caged for its rich melodious songs and whistled queekey! Freed from its cage, amidst Peranakan tiles, re-imagined Straits Chinese blue and white bowls and our local frangipani flowers, he will once again fly and feed on berries from trees!  A conversation starter with your guests/diners!


Hand-painted/ digitised for print by JTMUSES.

TableNotes-Lacquer Placemats-set of 4

SKU: goe-lac-placemats
  •  The painstaking process of applying lacquer and polishing the surface over and over again results in objects of profound, quiet beauty.

    Lacquerware Care Advice
    To retain its natural beauty please follow this care advice.

    • Wash your lacquerware in warm soapy water and dry using a soft cloth.
    • Avoid use of harsh cleaning chemicals.Do not soak in water.
    • Please do not wash lacquerware in the dishwasher or use it in the microwave or oven.
    • Please also avoid using sharp implements when using serving dishes or bowls.
    • Keep lacquerware out of direct sunlight.
    • To keep lacquerware looking its best, outer surfaces or decorative items may be polished with a small amount of car wax and a clean, soft, lint-free cloth
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