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Living Streams : Ezekiel 47

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Finished and Sold in 2016

At a silent retreat, I was asked to reflect on a river that is able to draw us closer to God in prayer. Pastor Alice read the verses 1-12 of Ezekiel 47, she asked us to close our eyes but I was drawn to the serene water-coloured painting of a little stream amidst much greenery. The verses spoke of a river depicted by the prophet Ezekiel as his own relationship with God.

It describes a spring of fresh water gurgling up under the doorway to the temple. "Imagine it to be your own life, your innermost being, your heart, where God dwells"." As Ezekiel seeks God in prayer, the stream deepens and God shares more and more of himself with him. He is the living stream that flows through our hearts and bring us into the fullness of life. When we flow into full communion with him; the more the river widens and deepens, the more abundant will be the life it sustains! I am still working on this and will add hues in the clouds, reflections in the water, and perhaps a graceful creature! Stay part of this flow!

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