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Speak Life onto your blank walls! - Art Prints customised for Ikea Frames

Updated: Jun 26

I scan and print my original art on 100% cotton fibre paper that is archival. I ensure quality custom made wall art featuring original designs created by my musings. My work is inspired by the Word, everyday small things, a bird in a tree, our heritage, notes of nature and my clients. (like Chinatown Heritage Centre, Joo Chiat/Katong Visitor Centre, MediaCorp and Singapore International Foundation)

TableNotes by a Bulbul

Discover wall art with inspiring quotes! SPEAK LIFE ONTO YOUR BLANK WALLS!

My art prints on are made to fit an IKEA picture frame perfectly. Simply select the right print size using the Ultimate IKEA Photo Frame Size Guide, if you prefer less expensive framing options. Professional framing is also available. e.g. A 33x43 cm frame -estimated A3 size- will house a portrait A4 print. My A4 prints start at $58/- just shop and add to cart. Delivery is usually an additional $10/-

Or you can opt to use a professional framing service - please send me an email

Let's begin by going through the essentials:- 1. ART PRINTS VS PHOTO PRINTS

Art prints are made from 100% cotton fibre, this paper is acid and lignin free and is certified as archival. At 320 gsm this paper is perfect for digital arts and graphics.


A mount, also known as matboard or mat for short, is a white piece of board that comes with the frame. R: APPROX A4 SIZE PRINT for 20 X 29 cm window

Vastanhed portrait frame sized at 33x43 cm; use A4 prints - 21x30 cm to fit in the window. RIBBA Search all 30x 40 cm frames here at IKEA Now, not all IKEA frames come with the matboard, for instance, their ‘Fiskbo’ model. The photos in this scrolling gallery show how the frames look with and without a matboard.


Every IKEA Frame comes with a label

These labels contain information such as the model and the size of photos that would fit. As seen, there are 2 measurements – one without the matboard and one with.

According to the label, should you want to display your photo to fit the full frame, it should be 35cm by 35cm.

For example: for this square frame If you want to utilise the matboard, it should be 25cm by 25cm. (window is 24 x 24 cm) These labels are available so you don’t have to crack your head to figure out the different sizes!

some frames for reference:-

  1. Square Sannahed frames sized at 37x37 cm - window 25x25 cm) black and white

  2. Hovsta 42x52 frame (A3 print 30x40) cm dark brown wood frame alternatives for plain black or white frames are Knoppaeng at 42x52cm, get an (A3 - 30x40 cm print)

  1. Others - you can opt for Ribba (Frame size: 52x72 cm) Print 40x50 cm. The biggest size is Ribba's 61x91 cm (Print 50x70cm) or Knoppang

  2. We give an allowance at the sides for mounting it well within the window.

Meeting new people and making new friends makes this more fun than work. Whether you have an immediate need for illustration or are shopping for a new agency to handle your future art requirements, give JTMUSES a call or send an email.

We are happy to answer any questions or make you a custom gallery. Email us or call and we’ll get back to you! WhatsApp please +65 97500689

HOT from the press on textured cotton fibre paper!

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