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TableNotes by Bulbul #2 

This art piece is inspired by the artist’s love of birds in her cherished garden.
I am a red-whiskered Bulbul – known as the 'nightingale of the east'.
A freed bird, I escape into a new story.
Let’s not dwell on things of the past;

Behold! Something new springs forth.

Proverbs 16:24
1. select your size
2. choose design (with calligraphy or without text or with your text 



Picture size: A4 : from $38  / sized for Ikea frames (see info section)

Paper: 320 gsm  100% cotton fibre  Acid-Free, Lignin Free  Free of Optical Brighteners  Print Permanence: Archival Certified to exceed 75 years (subject to conditions) 

Picture size A3 - $58 (see info section)
Add $10 for delivery
View more at


Tune in and listen to Table Notes by artist JTMUSES as she builds this new collection*. Her work is inspired by the everyday small things, a bird in a tree, our heritage, notes of nature and her clients (like Chinatown Heritage Centre, Joo Chiat/Katong Visitor Centre and Singapore International Foundation! 


TableNotes by Bulbul #2 - Art Print Only

  • Please go to blog :  There is an explanation on matting and print sizes  ...

    some frames for reference:-

    • Hovsta 42x52 frame (A3 print 30x40) cm dark brown wood frame alternatives for plain black or white frames are Knoppaeng 40x50 cm (A3 30x40 print)

    • Vastanhed portrait 33x43 cm for (A4 prints - 21x30 cm)

    • Virserum (white is no longer produced) Available are Gold 38x48 cm frame, (A4 print -21x30 cm)

    • Square Sannahed frames (37x37 cm - window 25x25 cm) black and white

    • Others - you can opt for Ribba (Frame size: 52x72 cm) Print 40x50 cm. The biggest size is Ribba's 61x91 cm (Print 50x70cm) or Knoppang

    • We give an allowance at sides for mounting it well within the window.

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