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Customise a Ceramic tiles as an award!

A ceramic tile is a picture-perfect memoir to be given as a gift or for decoration purposes. Many corporates have used it as a long-service award or a token of appreciation. Easily customizable with name, text or logo or a different mixed media illustration. More artworks are available at watch video: Framed tiled prints as awards – with black stand or wooden frame. blog story:

At the inaugural Enabling Mark Awards Ceremony, each recipient received an artist-illustrated ceramic tile on a stand from President Halimah Yacob. The mixed

media piece was the first collaborative piece of artwork by differently-abled artist Douglas Leong, under a mentor/mentee arrangement (guided by artist JTMUSES). Douglas s an artist living with pervasive developmental disorder, but his grit and passion for art kept him going on his journey of learning and improving his artistic flair.

Product Dimensions
  • Ceramic tiles produced with high-gloss finishing.

  • Available sizes: - 11cm x 11cm / 4.3" x 4.3", 100 g - 15cm x 15cm / 5.9" x 5.9", 230 g - 20cm x 20cm / 7.9" x 7.9", 480 g - 25 x 20 cm/ 9.8" x 7.9" (not available)

  • Weight: 100g & 230g & 480g respectively. 25 x 20 cm - 360 g & 600 g (tile/framed) (usually unavailable)

  • Enhance the look of your ceramic tiles by adding wood frame.

  • wooden frame can be added with attached stand tiles come with black stand


Among the evening’s highlights were the recognition of 28 individuals comprising Singapore International Volunteers, partners and programme alumni from Asia and U.S. who have long supported the SIF in its efforts to connect, collaborate and effect change in world. Snr Minister of State, MICA /MCCY Ms Sim Ann and SIF Governor David Chong gave away the awards


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