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A Walk down Memory Lane by artist with autism "Timeless Treasures"

Updated: Feb 21

Timeless Treasures Collection: Designs by Artist with Autism and bona fide designer JTMUSES The Lunar New Year (2024) rings with joy, prosperity and abundance. It is a time when we remember our blessings at home and hearth. Returning in time, uncover stories hidden with artists JTMUSES and Douglas in their Timeless Treasures Collection, coming soon as art-related merchandise at The Gallery Store by ABRY located in National Gallery Singapore. Using graphic pencils and watercolours, Timeless Treasures depicts impressions and memories of things we grew up with in the 1970s and 80s. Give a gift that invites you to walk down a happy memory lane! Discover the collection "Timeless Treasures": These creations can be sublimated*on acrylic trivets, wooden coasters and glass-infused trinket platters.

*Sublimation printing: It results in a permanent, full color image which does not fade, peel, or washes away.

1.JOYS OF JOO CHIAT: Pretty Joo Chiat residential shophouses with Plumeria blooms are a living legacy of Singapore’s Peranakan culture.

As a pretty Joo Chiat shophouse adorned with Plumeria blooms, I stand as a living legacy of Singapore's vibrant Peranakan culture. I am an ornamental shophouse fashioned between 1889 and 1920. In the artwork "JOY–樂," drawn by JTMUSES, my story comes to life. Alongside me, a Nyonya in kebaya lights up a small stringed firecracker, her actions evoking memories of a time when our neighborhood was alive with cultural celebrations.

Cats and dogs laze amidst feathered birds, their presence adding to the playful scene. And then, there's the Austin 1949 London taxi, drawn by differently-abled artist Douglas (Tung Seng). Its presence adds a touch of nostalgia, reminding us of the bustling days when such taxis filled the streets, ferrying passengers to and fro. STORY

Together, our stories weave a tapestry of blessings and cultural richness, reminding all who pass by of the vibrant heritage that lives on in the heart of Joo Chiat.

2. Why am I called a TINGKAT?

Why am I called a tingkat? by jtmuses
Why am I called a tingkat?

Why am I called a “tingkat”?

It's a question I've pondered as I've journeyed through the bustling streets, carrying the rich tapestry of flavours and memories within my tiers. "Tingkat" is Malay for "storeys," and indeed, I am a tower of stories, Each tier tells a story of cherished tradition, echoing with aromas of flavours and memories. Accompanied by the graceful bulbul, I weave through life's tapestry, bearing witness to joys and sorrows.  

3. Ice Kacang Surprise!

In a quaint shop, I stand as an antique ice kacang machine, a relic from simpler times. As scorching sunrays beat down, I offer solace to those seeking relief. Children gather eagerly as I roar to life, my gears clinking and whirring, heralding the arrival of cool relief. With skilled hands, the ice kacang vendor crafts bowls of vibrant delight, piled high with shaved ice and drenched in rose syrup, palm sugar, and grass jelly. Sweet red beans, corn, and condensed milk adorn the icy peaks. Seamlessly woven into this timeless symphony, a kingfisher dives gracefully into the icy sweetness, adding a touch of nature's elegance.

4. The Majestic Presence of a Grandfather Clock I am more than just a vintage grandfather's clock—I am a guardian of time, a witness to the moments that shape lives. My mahogany frame and ornate carvings speak of generations past, each tick and tock a testament to the passage of time.

In this collection of art titled "Timeless Treasure," I take center stage, surrounded by the warmth of nostalgia and the gentle hum of life. And yet, I am not alone. Tabby, sleek and serene, lounges gracefully nearby, in contentment as he basks in the tranquility of the moment. Together, we create a scene that transcends time—a snapshot of quietude and serenity,

5. That old Gramophone - A vinyl Lover's Dream

That old gramophone-a vinyl lover's dream
That old gramophone-a vinyl lover's dream

As I stand proudly in the corner of this cozy room, I can't help but reminisce about the days gone by—the golden era of music when vinyl reigned supreme. I am a vintage gramophone player, a relic from a time when music was more than just a background noise, it was an experience, a journey through melodies and emotions.

My sleek wooden frame and brass accents speak of an age of elegance.

But what truly sets me apart is the warmth of my sound, the rich tones that only vinyl can deliver. I am a vinyl lover's dream, a portal to a bygone era of pure auditory bliss. And here in this room, Bulbul shares my appreciation for the finer things in life, especially music. He perches around me, in contentment as they listen to the enchanting melodies emanating from my speakers.

*JTMUSES creates quality, functional gifts with unique art and motifs by artists on the autism spectrum. Our artists earn royalties when you shop their creations. Gift a gift that gives back! Just WhatsApp Joyce (+6597500689) for customised gifts on drinkware, glass trinket trays and lacquerwares+ wall art!




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